heating a backyard office

5 Best Heating Options for Backyard offices | Latest prices & Images

Are you stuck for ideas on how to heat your backyard workspace? Read on 5 of the best heating solutions for your garden studio with examples of some of the best heaters on the market.  From Spring through Autumn your backyard studio is the ideal bright, roomy, and personal workspace where you can really enjoy …

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standing desk treadmills

7 Best treadmill desks 2020 | Backyard Office Desks

Inactivity can be a battle when you are homeworking, with all those hours sitting down in your backyard office potentially adding up to a range of health problems. Treadmill desks are a great solution for getting you on your feet, active and burning calories during your working day. Read on for our rundown of 7 …

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standing desk

7 Best standing desks 2020 | Backyard Office Desks

If you are embracing the work from home regime but are worried about a reduction in daily physical activity, its time to kick the sedentary lifestyle to the curb! Shake things up by including a high-quality standing desk in your backyard workspace. We have done the hard work of rounding up some of the best …

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amazing backyard office

21 Amazing Backyard Office Ideas (You Need to See!)

If the work from home phenomenon has got you thinking about how to make your home working arrangements more permanent, you’ll be excited to know you are not alone. We are all looking at our homes in a new, and much more productive light! Backyard Workspaces Are A Great Solution For Working From Home. One …

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women standing desk

9 Benefits Of Standing Desks | Work Standing VS Sitting

If you are creating a backyard workspace or home office, curating the right furniture will go a long way to boosting your productivity, especially if you are working a full-time job. There’s no escaping the desk as the centerpiece of your hive of activity, and getting it right makes all the difference to working smart …

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solar panels

How Many Watts For Solar Powered Shed Or Backyard Office?

Can you power a garden office with solar energy? A simple calculation of how many watts are needed for a solar-powered shed or backyard office should let you know if solar panels can do the job of powering an off-grid garden studio. Read on for an outline of the wattage calculations needed and helpful tips …

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man using an office treadmill

Do Treadmill Desks Really Work? Here’s The Truth!

Planning a garden office or backyard workspace is definitely an opportunity to rethink your lifestyle, and there are probably only a few of us who could not do without a little more activity in the working day. You may be familiar with the benefits of a standing desk (if not read our article on standing …

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garden office

Cost To Build A Backyard Office Workspace | 2021 Latest Costings

Looking to get yourself a backyard office for home working? Start the journey today with this handy and helpful guide to costing a backyard workspace in 2021! Unless you have been in an underground bunker, you cannot have missed the worldwide remote working revolution. Perhaps you are already part of it, coffee-stained papers piled high …

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Do You Need A Planning Permit For A Backyard Office?

If your heart is set on a sweet she-shed or backyard workspace and you are already choosing your paint colors and furnishings, it is vital that you do not let your project get ahead of any local planning laws in place.  Many garden office companies describe their buildings as being compliant with planning laws or …

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