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Garden Office – Is It Worth It? (We Find Out)

The stroll from the garden to the garden office is important because it is a commute that separates your home life and work life.

Is a garden office worth it? Let’s find out.

Garden offices are worth it, especially if you want to avoid the daily commute into a big city. If you are considering opening your own business, this means you will need an office which will be right there in your garden instead of renting an office located off your own property.

A garden office will help you save a lot of money which you can now use to do other things. It will also save you the hassle of looking for a cheap space to rent, which will probably still be expensive. In the rest of this article, we will provide you with interesting information about what you stand to gain by having a garden office.

backyard office
Heating in winter and cooling in summer is an important factor to consider

Is It Worth Getting A Garden Office?

If you want to rent a place for your office it means that you will have to adapt to the problems associated with it, like troubles and disturbances from nearby businesses. You can solve all these issues by building your own garden office that is very suited to your personality and specific needs, which will now allow you to be more productive and encourage the smooth running of your business.

Balancing your home and work life will be much easier if you have a garden office compared to if you had an office far away from home. You can cook for your family during your breaks, pay more attention to your child’s school performance, nurse your sick child back to health, and even catch up on all incomplete housework while still enhancing your career. It all depends on your management skills and how you use your time effectively.

There is usually a strict time of operation in some offices to prevent people from entering the building between certain periods. This won’t be flexible especially if you want to take your kids on a day trip but it can be solved if you own a garden office so that you can take your kids out during the day and work in the night to catch up with business activities.

As prices of rent continue to rise and businesses across the world now prefer to reach their customers on the internet, business owners will see the need to save money by allowing employees to offer their services from their homes. The garden office is the solution to the modern challenges people face from workspaces that aren’t productive. It is also reasonably cost-effective.

Will A Garden Office Add Value To My Property?

The simple and most straightforward answer is yes.

Most garden offices add about 5% to the value of your property. A lot of factors can affect the value like the floor spaces available, the person who wants to buy your property (a business owner will be more interested in it than someone who prefers strictly residential accommodation). So you don’t have to worry too much about getting the money you invested in building your garden office back in case you want to sell your property.

You may be using a garden house as your garden office but it can be used for other things like a relaxing outdoor building, a playroom, or even a gym. The other possibilities of using the building will be noticed by people that are interested in purchasing it.

If you want your property to stand out in style especially among other properties within the same price range, you can build a good quality garden office with a decent number of floor spaces to increase the value of your property. People will feel like they are getting more value when they purchase your property compared to the others.

The probability of you getting the offers that you want also depends on the diversity of the interested buyers.

The garden shed on your property may look more attractive to a buyer that is to business because a minimal amount of money will be spent to keep it up and running. Such facilities as Wi-Fi, internet connectivity, extra plug sockets, and more lighting points would already have been provided by you.

These will save a lot of money for the interested buyer and will help you close the deal as fast as possible, at a fair price, and with minimal hassles. Make sure to build the garden office with quality materials and maintain it well if you don’t want its value to reduce.

 Is A Garden Office Tax-Deductible?

Apart from Value-added tax (VAT), it isn’t possible to subtract your garden office as a capital cost assuming it is VAT-registered. Other equipment needed for the smooth running of your business like office furniture, fittings, and fixtures can however be tax-deductible.

Electrical works in the structure can also be reclaimed. However, you will need the invoice of all items from the electrician who installed them. Make sure you keep them and also other itemized bills needed.

Utility bills can also be deducted in full if you have a separate meter in your office garden.

If you do not have a separate meter, you will then need to calculate the approximate amount based on how you use the room. You can also calculate the amount based on the percentage of use compared to other rooms in your house. So it means that if you have 3 rooms in your house and one garden office, you can claim about 30% of your electric and gas bills.

You should also note that the type of garden office that you have can affect your qualification for tax and business rate. Your garden office will be considered if it is a moveable structure. Planning permission is needed for a permanent structure. You can ask your tax advisor for more information about it because each case is different depending on the nature of your business.




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