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10 Inspiring Garden Office With Storage Ideas

Having a garden office with storage gives you a great functional place to work plus space for keeping your valuable, equipment, tools, and anything else that needs to be stored. These garden office with storage ideas will get you inspired to plan, design, build, or renovate a shed so you have storage plus a practical place to work.

If you need to build on a slope, want to maximize backyard space with a triangle shaped shed, or want to 2 story garden office, this article will inspire you to get started.

Inspiring Garden Office With Storage Ideas

1. Sloping Site Garden Office with Storage

garden office with storage on slope

A garden office with the right design can be built in to a sloped landscape. This idea from Ark Design Build uses the natural landscape of this yard to build a modern garden office with storage.

2. Small Garden Office with Separate Storage

garden office with storage

This 3.7 x 2.5 square meter (12 x 8 square feet) shed has a place to work and separate storage space. There is enough room for a desk, shelves, and a minifridge. This design is perfect for a small backyard or any yard with limited space for a shed.

3. Large Garden Office with Storage

This garden office is 6 x 3 meters squared (19 x 8 square feet) with about 2/3 of the space dedicated to the office and 1/3 for storage. It has a nice balance of workspace and storage space.

4. Garden Office with Storage and Veranda

garden office with storage veranda

This garden office with storage is 5 x 3 meters squared (16 x 10 square feet) and features underfloor heating, bi-fold door, interior LED downlights, and a veranda. The bi-fold door is large enough to make sure you can get your office furniture in the shed.

5. Upcycled Garden Office With Storage

upcycled garden office with storage natural

Building a shed with upcycled materials is a great way to save money and prevent more trash from filling up landfills. Pallet wood and using second hand windows, doors, and hardware can help you build the shed you want for cheap. This shed has a great space to work plus a lot of room for storage.

6. Solar Powered Garden Office With Storage

Adding solar power to a garden office doesn’t have to be as complex as it is with a house. Since these tiny home sheds can get away with only 1 light, it’s cheap to install and doesn’t require complicated wiring. Using a pancake box, electrical wire, LED light sensor, and a solar generator, this shed with storage uses 100% solar power. Just buy the generator, plug it into your wiring, and you have lights!

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7. Shed with Built-In Storage

shed with built-in storage

This shed has beautiful built-in storage units. The floating nightstand doubles as a sink for easy washing up in the morning and at night. And the bed maximizes storage on the sides and with additional storage underneath.

8. 2-Story Home Depot Garden Office With Storage

home depot garden office with storage 2 story

A 2 story garden office gives you so much more than just one storage area. You can maximize storage space inside by using the ample space available to have built-in’s and shelving. There’s plenty of room for a desk and office seating.

9. Garden Office with Outdoor Storage

garden office with outdoor storage

A covered outdoor storage area is great for exercise equipment and firewood. This garden office has a 4 foot overhang to keep outdoor storage items protected from rain. More square footage is available inside the home when you have storage space outside. This will increase your enjoyment of the space even more.

10. Triangle Garden Office With Storage

This triangle garden office with storage is laid out to fit the property and maximize space. It has a triangle design, contemporary look, and uses every available inch of property by not being square or rectangle. The storage area is a large portion of the livable space.

Final Thoughts

These inspiring garden office with storage ideas will help you get started on building the shed you need. These are great ideas for building a large or small garden office, building on a slope, maximizing space, and using upcycled materials. You can decide for yourself which design will work best for your backyard workspace.

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