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Top Garden Office Sizes For The UK

A garden office size should be small enough to create a secure and comfortable atmosphere but large enough to be productive. You need to be able to shut off distractions and have enough space to use your shed in a variety of ways.

Garden offices aren’t limited to one room so it means you can add a kitchen, toilet, and even a shower room to the building – making it a fully self-contained unit and with modern wireless technology, you can get connected to anywhere in the world from it which will allow you to work from home without going through those long commutes.

At the end of this article, you will have enough information about garden office sizes that you will be craving to get one real fast.

How Big Should A Garden Office Be?

The best garden office size is a 2.84 yds x 3.94 yds size. It will give you a PODS size garden office which is stylish, compact, and is the best choice for almost any garden dimension or location. More so, the most popular and best size for two people is 4.16 yds x 3.94 yds. It can accommodate you and one assistant.

You would want your office to be big enough to contain all your current needs, and if you are planning to stay in your house for a long time you should also consider the space for items you will need in the future like the latest gadget or furniture that you are saving up for.

When building your garden office, you should take into account the proportion of your garden because if it is too big, it will obstruct the light coming into your house. 

You should also think about the number of chairs or desks you want to place in the building. Do you want it to be big enough for one person or do you want to fit more furniture for an entire team?

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Do you want storage where you can equipment for future purposes? All these questions can help you decide the size you want for your garden office. We have put together some factors you should consider when choosing the size and the shape you want for your garden office.

1. Purpose Of The Garden Office

One of the first things you should think about should be how you want to use your garden office.

Perhaps you want to also use it for recreational purposes or maybe you want to use it strictly for days when you are at home for serious work. You may want to use it for a full-time business or maybe you want to use it with a team. 

The possibilities for using your office garden are endless. Knowing how you want to use the garden office will help you with all the other decisions you want to take. 

Check out the Pinterest inspiration boards for ideas on how you can make the best use of your garden office.

2. Size Of Your Own Garden Office

When you are done deciding how you want to use your garden office, you can then think about the size.

You can’t use the one size fits all approach in this circumstance, you will have to choose the best choice for your situation. It mostly depends on the available space in your garden. You need to decide on what you would want to put inside.

Try to get a list of the equipment and furniture you need inside your garden office. This will give you a general idea of the size you want for your rooms in the building. 

3. Positioning & Space

How to positioning furniture and office equipment according to the space available will also determine how big your garden office can be. If you can do this effectively, then you will be just fine with a compact one.

What Is The Best Size Garden Office

You might not want to go through all the hassles of trying out or imagining different sizes you want for your garden office.

So you will certainly like to have an idea of the best size garden office. You can go with a 2.84 yds x 3.94 yds size. It will give you a PODS size garden office which is stylish, compact, and is the best choice for almost any garden dimension or location.

You can also try out 4.16 yds x 3.94 yds which is the most popular and best size for two people. It is a good choice if you are an artist and you want to leave extra space for an assistant.

How Big Can A Garden Office Be Without Planning Permission?

Planning Permission is approval required for the construction, expansion, or demolition of a building.

It is like a building permit. It was put in place to protect the interest of neighbors like insecurity (caused by a large inflow of people due to a business), or even noise.

Most garden offices do not need Planning Permission but try to get an opinion from a planning agent about your own. There are some restrictions as to where you can build your garden office regarding closeness to public highways, boundaries, and so on.

If you don’t want to get Planning Permission and avoid all the paperwork, you might start thinking about how big your garden office should be without Planning Permission. The tips provided below will help you:

  • The garden office should have a maximum eaves height of 2.73 yds and the overall height should be 3.28 yds or less for any roof type or at most 4.38 yds for dual pitched roofs.
  • Your office should be at least 2.19 yds from the boundary and if it is within the boundary of the curtilage of the office garden, make sure the height will not exceed 2.74 yds.
  • Make sure the verandas or balconies of your garden office doesn’t exceed 0.33 yds.
  • New buildings should not cover more than half of the land surrounding the original building or your house.
  • You also consider what you what to do with your garden office because it can determine whether you will need Planning Permission or not.

Incidental buildings like summerhouses and sheds are allowed by the ethics of permitted development to be constructed without any Planning Permission as long as they are within the required height. So what do we mean by incidental buildings? 

A garden office can be viewed as an incidental building if it’s used for leisure or once in a while when working from home. In this case, you might not need Planning Permission. 

If you are planning to use the garden office for business five days a week or you have a separate utility room that is plumbed for a washing machine, it may not be seen as incidental by the authority in your area, and Planning Permission might be needed. 

If you are planning to spend time in your garden office every day then getting Planning Permission is worth it. This is because it can be uncomfortable to stay in a building under 2.74 yds in height.

A building that is less or equal to 2.74 yds will not allow you to install a decent amount of insulation in the ceilings. 

The insulation might not be sufficient to keep you warm during the winter. The height might also not be good enough if you are a tall person. So try to get Planning Permission if you have to; most people get it within three months of applying.

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