Building A Shed Next To A Neighbors Fence (What To Know)

When building a shed in your backyard, You may be wondering how far does the shed have to be from the fence. A shed to close to the property line will be in violation of city zoning codes. Before you start building your shed, you need to know the minimum distance between shed and fence, to keep your county happy. 

Furnishing Your Home Office With Ikea

Furnishing Your Home Office With Ikea

I have to admit, I was an Ikea hold-out for years. As someone who prefers solid, well-built hardwood furniture I just could not wrap my head around their modular, some-assembly-required aesthetic. 

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10 Outdoor Office Pod Ideas

A variety of exciting options for backyard office sheds, or office pods, have hit the market. From bare bones to luxurious, we have compiled a list of the 10 best outdoor office pods to give you a great ideas to build yours!

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Guide To Claim Home Office On Taxes

Working from home has increasingly become popular. To some, saving on commuter fees is fascinating. While that may be the case, homes are getting filled with work files and documents, laptops, and other several electronic gadgets. The house often gets messy proving to not be a sustainable place for working in. Use of garden offices, …

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Know The Garden Office Building Regulations (Before You Build)

Know The Garden Office Building Regulations (Before You Build) As remote working is becoming more and more common among people, the popularity of garden offices is increasing exponentially. Most people are opting to get garden offices and work from home. As this popularity of garden offices is increasing, the matter of building regulations has come …

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Brick Garden Office Build Guide (Ultimate Guide)

It is believed that working from home is what we’ll mostly do in the future. Because of recent events, it has become clear that most of us don’t have (at all or enough) adequate space for work. We work best if we’re in a space that is designated for work, with no interruptions. If you …

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A Guide To Garden Office Sizes

A garden office is a building usually located a stone throw from the main house which helps to create a secure, comfortable atmosphere shut off from distractions and it’s used in a wide variety of ways. Garden offices aren’t limited to one room so it means you can add a kitchen, toilet, and even a …

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