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Want To Sleep In A Shed? Think Again (Read This First)

Modern sheds these days are designed to be just like contemporary home offices, crafts rooms, man caves, or isolated rooms in some corner houses. One question that keeps lingering in everyone’s mind is, can you sleep in one?

With modifications and adjustments, you can safely sleep in a shed. Turning your shed into a bedroom will likely cost you around $900-$2,500. You may have to meet building regulations in your area for this to be legal.

The good news, if you make renovations that meet the modern habitation regulations, you can use your shed as a sleeping zone.

In this article, we are going to discuss all the aspects of turning your shed into a sleeping area. So read on to find out more.

Can I Put A Bed In My Shed?

Yes, making necessary adjustments should allow a room for your bed. To sleep in the shed, you must comply with safety and building regulations. To some extent, these rules will determine the quality of bed structure you can set up in your shed.

Before setting up a bed in your shed, ensure that you meet the planning authorities’ housing rules on:

  • The sheds foundations and floor construction
  • Insulation and double glazing
  • Electricity
  • Drainage systems
  • Ventilation

You may also be required to obtain a certificate of residence from the relevant authorities in your area in order to put a bed in your shed.

Can I Use My Shed As An Extra Bedroom?

If you were wondering whether you could easily turn your shed into an extra bedroom then this is just the right read for you.

The short answer is yes. It is quite possible to turn that shed in your backyard into an extra bedroom. After carrying out a few modifications, it’s quite possible to convert your shed into an extra bedroom. You may be required to apply for planning permission and meet your state’s current building regulations for this to happen.

Some of the things you can do to turn the shed into an extra room that is habitable and safe to sleep in are electricity, insulation, flooring, lights and finishing touches, drainage, etc. You can also focus on climate control to keep warm or cold whenever you’re in the room.

Is It Illegal for Someone To Live In a Shed?

It’s not necessarily illegal to live in a shed.

Depending on the area you are planning to live in, you should always consider the area’s regulations about residing in a shed. Some countries place strict measures compared to others. You may be forced to apply for permission to live in a shed and it will be demanded of you that your shed should comply with the building regulations.

It is crucial to understand that obtaining planning permission to live in your shed and compliance with the building regulations are different things.

For instance, the United States has stringent measures regarding habitable residences. Some action will be taken against you if your shed does not have clean water and electric service. More emphasis is often put on health issues that may arise from living in a shed.

Most sheds will meet the regulation if they are to be deemed as just “sheds” used for storage purposes. However, if you want to turn your shed into a legal living space, consider doing the following:

●     Connecting water to your shed

It’s simple. You need a plumber and the necessary materials like water pipes that cover the whole area of your shed. You may consider digging a well if you do not want to get water from other distributors. After installation of the water systems has been completed, consider getting an inspector from the water department within your area who will certify that all requirements have been met.

Water is life and will act as proof of residence!

●     Connect power to your shed

Documentations have to be met if you are planning on having electricity in your shed. Extending the connection from your main house is likely to get you in trouble, avoid it at all costs. If your shed is located in a dark corner, electricity helps illuminate the place. You will be able to avoid minor injuries.

●     Connect a sewer to your shed

Without water and electricity, it is possible to install a flush toilet. Most sheds are small and do not have space to fit in a lot of stuff. So you should make sure that your toilet fits in well and there’s some room left for you. You could also use a potty service or get install a septic tank system just behind your shed.

Check out this article for advice on how to install a toilet in a garden office or shed.

Doing all that just to make your shed habitable is expensive. Your shed is likely to attract more attention from local authorities and may end up being taxed for living in it.

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Shed Into A Bedroom?

More often than not, homeowners crave more space in their areas of residence. Most families get stuck due to a lack of funds to move to larger houses. If that’s the case, you may want to turn your attention to that old shed in your backyard you have been neglecting.

Converting a shed into a bedroom is quite expensive. On average you are likely to spend a minimum of $900-$2,500. This figure can be more depending on whether you already have an existing outbuilding.

A shed may indeed not only make a great office space or man cave, but it will also make an extra bedroom for your kids. Your shed may have a large space that’s easily convertible to a bedroom. Here’s a breakdown of how much it will likely cost you.

●     Install new flooring

Building regulations require that sheds have proper flooring before moving into them. Most sheds have floors made out of wood that are prone to rot. You will need to remove the old pieces of wood and replace them with new ones which will give the shed space a room-like outlook on the interior.

If your kids are the intended users of this bedroom, then the flooring will make it easier to clean.

You are likely to spend $15- $150 when installing a new floor.

●     Add insulation, Drywall, and Ventilations

If your shed gets cold during the winter days, you should have it insulated before starting to use it as a bedroom. Use wood or other suitable materials to cover up holes you find on the walls of the shed.

During the summer, you wouldn’t want a bedroom that is always hot. If that’s the case, adding ventilation ensures the free flow of air. The drywall can be installed and afterward have it trimmed to get a classy bedroom outlook.

Insulation will likely cost you anywhere around $0.13-$3.13 per square foot. Adding drywall will cost $1-$3 per square foot. Ventilation will likely cost you $100-$300 to install.

●     Lighting and Finishing touches

Making the above adjustments might mislead you into thinking that you should already move into your shed turned bedroom. Finishing touches will distinguish your room from its original shed look.

You should consider painting the walls, choosing lights, and may include some artwork or hang some of your medals on the walls. The finishing touches will bring out your personality and will give a glimpse of what you love when your friends visit. Most importantly, do add locks to prevent break-ins while also adding some investments in some bedroom décor and electronics that will keep your bedroom lively.

Lights will likely cost you $100-$150 to install from the main house. Painting the wall can cost $1.50-$3.50. The finishing touches cost will vary depending on what you want to add.

In general, it’s not advisable to live in a shed. However, after reading this article, you may reconsider your decision and make adjustments that will turn your shed into a bedroom.


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