costco standing desk

Which Costco Standing Desk Should I Buy?

When you compare aesthetics, ergonomic design, tech compatibility, functionality, and quality, one Costco standing desk really stands out and it’s less expensive than the others.   

amazing backyard office

21 Amazing Backyard Office Ideas (You Need to See!)

If the work from home phenomenon has got you thinking about how to make your home working arrangements more permanent, you’ll be excited to know you are not alone. We are all looking at our homes in a new, and much more productive light! Backyard Workspaces Are A Great Solution For Working From Home. One …

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women standing desk

9 Benefits Of Standing Desks | Work Standing VS Sitting

If you are creating a backyard workspace or home office, curating the right furniture will go a long way to boosting your productivity, especially if you are working a full-time job. There’s no escaping the desk as the centerpiece of your hive of activity, and getting it right makes all the difference to working smart …

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solar panels

How Many Watts For Solar Powered Shed Or Backyard Office?

Can you power a garden office with solar energy? A simple calculation of how many watts are needed for a solar-powered shed or backyard office should let you know if solar panels can do the job of powering an off-grid garden studio. Read on for an outline of the wattage calculations needed and helpful tips …

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man using an office treadmill

Do Treadmill Desks Really Work? Here’s The Honest Truth

A treadmill desk is a great way to stay healthy while working at a desk. Studies have proven that treadmill desks improve productivity and focus and decrease the release of cortisol which is related to stress and chronic disease. But, some tasks actually showed less accuracy and precision when using a treadmill desk. Since using …

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Do You Need A Planning Permit For A Backyard Office?

You may not need a planning permit for a backyard office in the city where you live. The rules on this vary from county to county and may depend on the size of backyard office you want. But, if you build one without a planning permit, the city may require you to remove it if …

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