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7 Best standing desks 2020 | Backyard Office Desks

If you are embracing the work from home regime but are worried about a reduction in daily physical activity, its time to kick the sedentary lifestyle to the curb! Shake things up by including a high-quality standing desk in your backyard workspace. We have done the hard work of rounding up some of the best standing desks on the market to get you on your feet and moving around your garden office. Read on for our recommendations and guide to the best standing desks on the market.

It’s a phenomenon that is becoming hard to miss as the way we work changes at break-neck speed. Big corporates and offices across the world are shunning the traditional sit-down desk in favor of standing and moving around while work takes place. Google, Apple, and Facebook are leading the charge against prolonged sitting at work which one CEO has likened to smoking due to its negative health effects.

Years sat at the desk are now being linked to serious health problems like obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease, so sitting is out and standing is in! Medics and public health officials are increasingly calling for us to get up and get active and now employers are doing the same as the benefits of standing rather than sitting to work are increasingly recognized.

Homeworkers who want to increase activity and work smart are also harnessing the numerous advantages of using a standing desk which we explore below. 

Working while standing has great health and productivity benefits.

When the average office worker can find themselves spending upwards of six hours per day sitting a, you know that a standing desk can make a huge difference to their levels of activity. Here are the need to know benefits:

  • Increased alertness: there is no opportunity to dose off after a heavy lunch when you are standing at your workstation. 
  • Boost productivity: studies have shown that periods spend standing to work increase output.
  • Psychological benefits like improved mood and motivation
  • Improved posture: standing often helps correct postural problems and back pain.
  • Keeps obesity at bay: people who work at a standing desk are more likely to move throughout the day and burn more calories.

You can learn more about the great benefits of standing desks in our article “9 Benefits of standing desks | Work standing VS Sitting”

What to look for when buying a standing desk. 

Including a standing desk as part of the furnishings of your garden office will certainly make a difference to your workday. There is a wide range of standing desk designs available meaning it should be simple to pinpoint the one that is just right for your set-up. Here are the key considerations for finding your ideal standing desk:

  1. Size. Often, backyard workspaces can be a little snug and you will need to be sure that a standing desk can fit in your garden pod comfortably. If you require an additional sitting desk, more space will be needed. You also should take not of the desk dimensions and ensure that your chosen desk will accommodate screens, tech, and stationary comfortably.   
  2. Whole desk or converter. You can choose between standing desks and desktop converters which can be set on your regular desk and raise your computer to standing height. Using a converter provides you with the option of sitting when you need to and allows you to use an existing desk. 
  3. Lifting mechanism for changing desk height. If you are going to be yo-yo-ing between sitting and standing throughout the day you will need a convenient way of safely adjusting desk height. Choose from motorized, hand-crank, and lever height adjustment mechanisms in our selections below.  
  4. Converts to the regular desk: Think you will soon tire of standing in your garden office? You may want the insurance policy or a standing desk that will convert readily for use as a regular desk. 
  5. Materials and fabrication: Look for high-quality materials like steel and solid wood that will withstand daily and prolonged use, similar to that of a corporate environment.

Without further ado here is our round-up of the 7 best standing desks on the market in 2020!

7. Rise UP Dual Motor Electric Bamboo Standing Desk

key features

  • Desk surface dimensions: 60 inches X 30 inches X 1 inch
  • Height range: 24 inches to 48 inches
  • Materials: solid bamboo; high strength steel

If you are looking for smart, functional furnishing for your garden workspace, the Rise UP desk by Uncaged Ergonomics provides stand out aesthetics and utility. You will be the master of your in-tray with its beautiful and expansive solid bamboo desktop which is sealed, durable, and easy to clean.

This considered design has been engineered to work as both a standing and sitting desk which is a great space-saving solution if your office is small. Also, its convenient power-assisted height adjustment makes establishing a standing routine simple as you can simply raise and lower your desk as needed without rearranging items or changing positions. 

The robust steel desk frame is equipped with two electric motors that drive the lifting process with zero effort on your part. The two integrated motors allow a smooth and efficient movement which is just what you need if you have piles of papers or hot beverages on the desk surface.

A discrete control panel can be used to adjust the height of your desktop anywhere between 24 and 48 inches. The lifting mechanism is powerful and able to lift a load of up to 250 pounds with ease. If this premium standing desk could not be any more convenient, you are able to program it with up to four memory presets.

This quick assembly adjustable desk also allows you to fine-tune it’s the width. Anything between 42.5′ and 55′ can be accommodated meaning you have even more flexibility for how you choose to use this desk.


  • Choose from a sleek black or contemporary natural finish to your desktop to complement the rest of your office. 
  • The bamboo finish is scratch and stain-resistant.
  • The anti-collision mechanism prevents jarring when moving the desk up and down. 
  • The roomy desktop provides plenty of space to spread out additional computer screens and stationary.


  • A keyboard desk would be a welcome addition.
  • There are no pre-drilled holes for attachment of the steel motorized legs, so you will need to get the drill out.

6. WorkFit-Z Mini Sit-Stand Desk

Key features

  • Desk surface dimensions: 30.75 inches by 15.5 inches
  • Height range: 12.5 inches
  • Materials: wood and metal
  • 2-year warranty

You may already have installed the desk of your dreams but have looked into the benefits of standing desks and want to see if one could work for you. If so, WorkFit-Z smart mini sit-stand desk could be an excellent workaround. Rather than go through the expense or hassle of buying a second desk or laptop lectern, this tabletop converter simply sits on your desk and can be pulled up to facilitate standing computer work.

It is stylish and minimalist with a strong grey woodgrain surface that should not clash with most styles of decor. Both a laptop and computer monitor can be easily accommodated and the WorkFit-Z also has a recessed area to secrete your mobile phone and tablet. It is ready to use straight out of the box with handy cable ties to keep everything tidy. 


  • The smooth mechanical movement to raise and lower the desk makes it easy to use.
  • There is a professional grade fabrication and hard-wearing finish to all parts of this desk.
  • This standing desk converter has the added benefit of keeping your desk space well organized.


  • The surface area of this booster desk is limited so if you like to keep your desk cluttered you may find yourself constrained.

5. Crew & Axel Standing Desk

Key features

  • Desk surface dimensions: 19.6 by 26.8 inches overall
  • Height range: 19 inches
  • Materials: all-natural bamboo

If you are looking for an all-natural, low impact addition to your garden office this beautiful bamboo standing desk converter makes a great addition. Not only is the Crew & Axel Standing Desk cost-effective, but its natural wood color also looks great. This simple converter can be set up on your existing desk and is designed to provide broad adjustable surfaces for a laptop, keyboard, and computer screen.

Details are front and center with this well-crafted design. A handy nook is available for depositing your phone and strategically located notches are available to keep cables tidy.

Even if you aren’t entirely keen to stand all the time, this desk converter will add great functionality to any desk as a home for filing or a much-loved office plant! Also, if you need to participate in a teleconference, it will help you to present while standing. 


  • Sustainable bamboo is a durable material for this hard-working design.
  • This desk converter is easy to assemble and dismantle and can store flat when not in use.
  • Skidproof feet add to this attractive yet sturdy design.


  • It will take over your desk, so be prepared to put it through its paces.

4. Safco Sit/Stand Bi-Level Desk

Key features

  • Desk surface dimensions: two 30 inch width worktops
  • Height range: 38 to 50 inches
  • Materials: powder-coated steel and beech colored melamine laminate

Safco are office furnishing specialists and this twin sit-stand desk is an inspired piece of design that we can see becoming popular. The Safco bi-level desk will look amazing in a garden studio and provides all the room you need for your essential tech, stationery, and cute potted succulent!

The standing height desk is 30 inches wide and can be adjusted from 38 inches up to 50 inches. It even includes an adjustable footrest that can also be used if you are standing for a prolonged period. The design is simple and unobtrusive with simple cylindrical steel legs and a wood effect melamine surface. It is also highly configurable, with the standing desk being either on the right or left-hand side as preferred when self-assembling.


  • Owners of this desk love the amount of space they have to use with this strong and sturdy design. 
  • The side-by-side arrangement saves time on adjusting or reorganizing a single desk.
  • The minimalist design looks fresh and smart.


  • Adequate space in your shed office will be needed to erect the two desks. 

3. Seville Classics 27.8″ Tilting Sit-Stand Desk

Key features

  • Desk surface dimensions: 26 by 16 inches
  • Height range: 27.5 to 40 inches
  • Materials: metal and laminate MDF
  • Warranty: 1 year limited 

The Seville Classic is a simple wheeled laptop desk cart that keeps you standing while working optional and simple and maybe the answer for readers who are ambivalent about getting a standing desk. The portability of this lectern style desk also means you can wheel it around the office which wow useful if you are pressed for space or having a Zoom call and need to adjust your position for better lighting. 

Once you follow the straightforward steps to quickly assemble, you’ll have a solidly built MDF desk with a classic walnut laminate finish. The height you can achieve ranges from 27.5 to 40 inches and is adjusted by raising and lowering the desk with a twist lock knob. The desk can be tilted and has a ledge to prevent your laptop from sliding off and has a weight capacity of 20 pounds. An accessory surface is also available for your mouse. 


  • The castors are suitable for all kinds of flooring, so you should not need to worry about getting stuck on the carpet.
  • Could be used as a side serving table or music lectern if needed.


  • With this desk, you have just enough room for your laptop.

2. Huanuo Standing Desk Converter

Key features

  • Desk surface dimensions: 23.5 by 14 inches
  • Height range: 3 to 15 inches
  • Materials: MDF and powder-coated steel
  • Warranty

The HUANUO adjustable desk surface is ideal if you want the standing desk effect on a compact garden office pod. It is built to a decent standard and is great value for money as it provides 5 level height adjustments which can be changed with a simple locking mechanism. The staggered heights mean you can fine-tune the desk heigh so your screen is at eye level even when sitting.  The gas spring lift of this sit-stand desk provides added smoothness which is vital for keeping your electronics safe. 

The smart black MDF desktop has a rubberized coaster to place beverages safely and cable clips to keep your tech properly tidied.


  • The curved wrist support also protects your hands and forearms while you work.
  • With no assembly needed, you can simply get to work.


  • The compact desktop may not be large enough to support a multiscreen setup. 

1. Crank adjustable standing desk

Key features

  • Desk surface dimensions
  • Height range
  • Warranty

This classic office desk will give you a lift with smooth off-grid height adjustment using the attached hand crank system. Your office will be well equipped with a classic walnut effect desktop set on a sturdy steel frame. Adjustment via the crank on the right side will move your desk between a height of 32 inches and 48.5 which is just right for working effectively while standing upright.

A second lower surface is included for your keyboard so you can work in an ergonomic position. This solid desk has the added benefit of being mobile, and which we think will become increasingly important for getting the best position for teleconferencing. You can lock or unlock the castor feet as needed.  


  • Assembly of this desk is straightforward and produces a sturdy result 
  • Hand crank movement of the desk surface is fast


  • If you are looking for statement furnishing for your backyard studio, you may find this desk design rather generic.

Frequently asked questions

Q. Should I use a standing desk all the time? 

A. Prolonged use of a standing desk, especially in the early days of owning one, has been associated with leg aches and soreness in the feet. It is recommended that these desks are initially used for short periods that are interspersed with sitting. The time spends standing can gradually be increase day by day as longer periods are tolerated. 

Q. Can these desks be used with a treadmill?

A. Yes! Gentle walking on a flat treadmill while at the standing desk is considered a game-changer for boosting your basal metabolic rate. Again take baby steps and build up fitness when making the transition to working while walking as you would with a standing desk.

Learn more about the benefits of including a treadmill in our article “Do treadmill desks really work?”

Q. What kind of seating can I use for a standing desk? 

A. If your desk is adjustable you can use your regular office chair and lower the desk. If the desk cannot be lowered you may want to purchase an anti-fatigue chair or office stool.

Q. Is there anything else I can do to up my activity levels at the desk?

A. Aside from slipping a treadmill beneath as we discussed above, you may want to purchase a non-flat anti-fatigue mat that will challenge the postural reflexes in your legs, boost circulation and tone your lower limb muscles. 

Rounding up

Including a standing desk as part of your backyard office work routine will certainly add a new dimension to your working day and should help counteract the fatigue and distraction that can set in when you are working alone for long periods. Each of these quality standing desks makes standing while working an accessible option for integrating into your daily routine and add great utility to your office setup.