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Which Costco Standing Desk Should I Buy?

Costco standing desks are well made, affordable, and better for your health than a regular desk. The Tresanti Costco standing desk is by far the most popular choice of Costco standing desks and we can see why. It’s got some really innovative features and is at a good price point. But Costco also has a large L-Shaped standing desk, a strong and sturdy desk which is the tallest version, and an extra long desk that can easily hold multiple monitors. 

This article reviews the top Costco standing desks so you can compare and find the best one for what you need.  

The Best Costco Standing Desk

The best Costco standing desk overall is the Tresanti Standing Desk. When you compare aesthetics, ergonomic design, tech compatibility, functionality, and quality, the Tresanti really stands out and it’s less expensive than the others.  

Other options are the Bestar L-Shaped, ApexDesk Vortex, and Bestar Upstand. Don’t have a Costco membership? Don’t worry. We checked Amazon and included links to the exact desk or one very similar.  

Tresanti Costco Standing Desk

The Tresanti standing desk from Costco is modern and adjustable, but it also has some really unique features that will make your workday easier and more productive. It’s available in white and black.

Charging Station

Imagine not having to plug in your cell phone charger behind your desk and hunt around for the cord everytime you sit down.The Tresanti has 2 USB charging ports and is wireless charging capable. 

Dry Erase Surface

The desk surface is tempered glass and you can take notes right on it with a dry erase marker. Instead of having to hunt around for paper, just keep a dry erase marker handy and make a note. 

Stand Timer

The GetActive Timer is a built-in stand timer that reminds you when you’ve been sitting too long. This is a great way to get the most value out of your standing desk.  

Programmable Height Settings

There are 3 Luma-Touch light control buttons to set height settings. It also has a digital read out so you know what height settings you are at. 

Adjustable Height

The height adjustment goes from 29.5” to 47” and adjusts in 1/10” increments. This makes a smooth transition so you don’t knock over your stuff. It’s high enough for most people to be comfortable working while standing.  It measures 25 ⅝” wide x 47.25” long.   

Single Motor

There’s a single motor but it should last the whole day if you’re not adjusting it constantly. The max weight is 100lbs. 

Ergonomic Design With Large Drawer 

The front of the desk is curved and it has a large drawer with a divider. 

Easy To Assemble

It’s a little heavy but easy to assemble. Just a few nuts and bolts with a wrench should have you all set up. 

TRESANTI Coastal Adjustable Height Desk, White
  • Electric Automatic
  • Includes Two 2.4 amp USB Inputs
  • Dry Erase Compatible Glass Top
  • Wireless Desktop Charging Station

Bestar L-Shaped Costco Standing Desk

The Bestar L-shaped standing desk includes 2 desktop surfaces, drawers, and a file drawer. There’s more storage than more standing desks so you can hook up your printer and additional workstation on one desk and be able to keep your computer surface clear. If you need a desk that has a good amount of storage and a separate computer workspace, then this is a good option. It’s available in dark gray, brown, and gray. 


This desk comes with ample storage space compared to other standing desks, plus it has a file drawer.  

Charging Station

The Bestar L-shaped has 1 USB outlet. 

Programmable Height Settings

There are 4 programmable height settings with digital display so you don’t have to find that perfect height setting every time. 

Adjustable Height

The Bestar standing desk lifts from 28.5” to 42” and measures 66.8” wide x 71.1” long.

Bestar Pro-Concept Plus L-Shaped Standing Desk with Hutch, White & Deep Grey
  • Bundle includes: 48W x 24D Standing Desk, 72W Narrow Desk Shell, 16W Add-On Pedestal with 3 Drawers, 72W Hutch with Frosted Glass Doors
  • High-density commercial-grade particle board work surface is compliant with TSCA Title VI and has a durable laminate finish that resists scratches, stains, and wear; 1-inch thick desktop provides a sturdy surface to work on
  • Can be set up as an L-Shaped Desk or as 2 desks: a Standing Desk and a Desk Shell
  • Electric Standing Desk lifts from a low of 28 inches to a high of 48 inches at the push of a button; the control button is on the front edge of the desk for easy access (Voltage: 110V)
  • Store your favorite heights with four programmable height options so you can use them as often as you like

ApexDesk Vortex M Series Standing Desk 

The ApexDesk is strong and sturdy. If you need to put heavy monitors on your desk, this one might be your best choice. It also lifts a few inches higher than other models so it works well if you’re tall. It is available in gray, black, brown, and light brown. 

Steel Frame

This Costco desk has a steel-constructed underframe and can hold up to 175lbs. If you have 2 or 3 monitors or a large screen monitor then you might need to go with this strong frame. Plus, it doesn’t have a crossbar underneath so you have more legroom. 

Programmable Height Settings

There are 4 programmable height settings and a 6 button programmable controller. 

Adjustable Height

The ApexDesk Vortex lifts from 28.8” to 47.7”. It measures 55” wide x 27” long.  

Bestar Upstand 30” x 72” Standing Desk

The Bestar Upstand is the longest of the Costco standing desks. You get enough space for multiple monitors and a place to put your desktop file holder and accessories. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of the other desks but if you need a large standing desk with a charging station then this is a good quality choice. 

Charging Station

The Upstand comes with a waterproof socket and 1 power outlet and 2 USB outlets. 

Adjustable Height

The Upstand lifts from 28.1” to 45” high. It measures 28.5” wide x 71.1” long. 

Bestar Upstand Standing Desk, Ergonomic Electric Table for Home Office, 72W x 30D, Antigua
  • GOOD QUALITY: 1” thick desktop made from high-density commercial-grade particle board compliant with TSCA Title VI. Durable laminate finish.
  • ERGONOMIC: Whether you work sitting down or standing up, you can adjust our desk’s height by simply pushing a button. The electric mechanism allows you to adjust the height of the desk from 28.5″ high to 42″ high.
  • EASY TO USE: Going from sitting to standing (and vice versa) is easy, quiet, and quick. Control button located on the front edge of the work surface for an easy access. Desk includes 1 grommet and 1 dual Power/USB module.
  • GOOD WARRANTY: This product is warranted to the original owner against defects in materials or workmanship. The desk is warranted 5 years, the electrical mechanism 1 year. Surface resists scratches, stains and wear.
  • MADE IN CANADA: Excellent customer support. Assembly required (2 people). Voltage: 110V.

Health and Productivity Benefits

When the average office worker can find themselves spending upwards of six hours per day sitting a, you know that a standing desk can make a huge difference to their levels of activity. Here are the need to know benefits:

  • Increased alertness: there is no opportunity to dose off after a heavy lunch when you are standing at your workstation. 
  • Boost productivity: studies have shown that periods spend standing to work increase output.
  • Psychological benefits like improved mood and motivation
  • Improved posture: standing often helps correct postural problems and back pain.
  • Keeps obesity at bay: people who work at a standing desk are more likely to move throughout the day and burn more calories.

Final Thoughts

How To Buy A Standing Desk

Including a standing desk as part of the furnishings of your garden office will certainly make a difference to your workday. There is a wide range of standing desk designs available meaning it should be simple to pinpoint the one that is just right for your set-up. Here are the key considerations for finding your ideal standing desk:

  1. Size. Often, backyard workspaces can be a little snug and you will need to be sure that a standing desk can fit in your garden pod comfortably. If you require an additional sitting desk, more space will be needed. You also should take not of the desk dimensions and ensure that your chosen desk will accommodate screens, tech, and stationary comfortably.   
  2. Whole desk or converter. You can choose between standing desks and desktop converters which can be set on your regular desk and raise your computer to standing height. Using a converter provides you with the option of sitting when you need to and allows you to use an existing desk. 
  3. Lifting mechanism for changing desk height. If you are going to be yo-yo-ing between sitting and standing throughout the day you will need a convenient way of safely adjusting desk height. Choose from motorized, hand-crank, and lever height adjustment mechanisms in our selections below.  
  4. Converts to the regular desk: Think you will soon tire of standing in your garden office? You may want the insurance policy or a standing desk that will convert readily for use as a regular desk. 
  5. Materials and fabrication: Look for high-quality materials like steel and solid wood that will withstand daily and prolonged use, similar to that of a corporate environment.

Costco standing desks are well made, have cool features, and have a good option for what you’re looking for. The Tresanti is our favorite if you’re looking for a smaller size with loads of cool features. If you need more space, the L-shaped has plenty of storage and for multiple monitors and lots of space space, go for the 72” long model. Whatever you need, there’s a standing desk for everyone.