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7 Best treadmill desks 2020 | Backyard Office Desks

Inactivity can be a battle when you are homeworking, with all those hours sitting down in your backyard office potentially adding up to a range of health problems. Treadmill desks are a great solution for getting you on your feet, active and burning calories during your working day. Read on for our rundown of 7 of the best treadmill desks on the market in 2020 and how you can make them part of a more active work from home lifestyle!

Get in shape while you type away with a treadmill desk.

Treadmill desks offer a revolutionary new way of keeping active while working. With obesity and conditions like diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease on the rise, both health experts and business leaders are beginning to see the long hours we put into sitting at our desks as a real problem.

The sedentary lifestyle is now understood to be as dangerous as smoking and many corporates are starting initiatives to put an end to the prolonged inactivity of the office workday. The treadmill desk is seen as an excellent way of improving not only the health but the productivity of workers. After all, you can’t sleep on the job if you are keeping pace on a treadmill!

Indeed, these desk treadmill combinations have been so successful that many homeworkers are exploring the advantages of including them in a home office. Once you familiarize yourself with the great benefits of treadmill desks we explore below, we’re sure you will want to include one in your garden studio!

Take advantage of a range of benefits by installing a treadmill and desk combo in your garden office.

Over the last 30 years, a range of studies has demonstrated wide-ranging benefits of treadmill desks. Walking while working on a treadmill desk has been shown to: 

  • Boost memory: Performance at recall tasks and other cognitive tasks have been shown to be improved by periods of treadmill desk use. 
  • Improve mood and motivation:  of admin personnel who used a treadmill desk reported improved mood in a major UK study. These desks are widely marketed for the psychological benefits of increased physical activity.
  • Increase fitness: Daily use of a treadmill desk will lift your baseline level of physical activity and increase stamina for walking long distances. 
  • Burn calories: 10,000 extra steps per day is known to burn off up to 3500 calories per week. Using a treadmill while you work will go a long way to hitting this target day after day.
  • Lose weight: Treadmill desks boost your basal metabolic rate, the rate at which your body burns calories. This increase in metabolic activity means more calories are burned daily and weight loss will be easier.

Not sure where to begin? Read this helpful buying advice for selecting the best treadmill desk. 

If you are not currently active, getting a treadmill desk set-up in your backyard workspace may be a big step. Thankfully the arrangement for treadmill desk working is as simple as sourcing a treadmill and a desk. Read on for some top tips for choosing the best treadmill desk for your office.

  1. Adapting an existing treadmill? Get a good quality standing desk.

If you are thinking about dusting off an oft-neglected treadmill in your home gym, companies like LifeSpan produce tailored treadmill desks that are designed to fit around an existing treadmill. A standing desk of suitable height can also be used over a flat treadmill. 

  1. Got a standing desk and want to move more? Get a flat treadmill to place under your desk.

Lightweight flat treadmills are widely available with many being specifically designed for slipping under your desk. They are not as powerful as regular treadmills and have fewer speed settings but do a great job for prolonged walking at a gentle pace. Some models even fold down for easy storage and great flexibility in your workspace.

  1. Ensure you have adequate space and clearance for both desk and treadmill.

When setting up a treadmill desk, accuracy is vital to ensure that the whole setup will fit in your garden office. Measure and measure again.

  1. Feet on the ground

Having a separate desk with its feet firmly on the ground will keep your sensitive electronics free of any jolting or sakihaking as you pound your treadmill. Watching your MacBook Pro shake and slide about while you walk will not inspire confidence in this endeavor!

4. Safety first

Ensure that your treadmill and desk combo has a shut-off for if you step off the treadmill or are inactive for a period. A bungee cord helps too, especially if you are concentrating on other things. The treadmill belt should be suitable for use with regular flat shoes, though you may find sneakers more comfortable.

Best Standing Desk Treadmills 2020

7. LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

Key features

Desk and treadmill combo

Desk dimensions: 38 by 29 inches

Treadmill belt width: 20 inches

Maximum weight of user: 350 lbs

Treadmill desk weight: 179 lbs

lifespan is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of treadmill desks and it is plain to see their expertise in quality, features, and performance of the TR1200-DT5 treadmill desk combo. This considered design is certainly built for the multitasker and is engineered to work continuously as you walk miles per day. 

You can hit speeds of up to 4 miles per hour on the flat treadmill which is equipped with a 2.25 horsepower motor. The treadmill motor is not only capable of continuous duty but is also whisper quiet which is ideal if you will be taking calls or teleconferencing in your backyard workspace. The integrated unit features an expansive executive style 38 by a 29-inch desk surface which more than enough room for your laptop and other equipment. 

For the tech-fans the LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 can be wirelessly connected via Bluetooth to your other devices, making tracking your steps and adjusting fitness goals easy. The proprietary Intelli-Step technology means the treadmill only moves when you are actively walking. 


  • Smart internal cabling keeps the clutter down in your office.
  • The separated desktop surround remains stable while the treadmill is in use.
  • The flat treadmill has front wheels for easy mobility.


  • Space will be needed for this expansive unit. 

6. Walking Pad Foldable Aerobic Treadmill

Key features

Under desk treadmill

Maximum speed: 4 miles per hour

Maximum weight of user: 198 lbs

A flat treadmill like this one from Skalet aerobic treadmill is ideal for use with a height-adjustable workstation. It is portable and foldable which gives you massive flexibility in organizing your office for active working as you can either stand to work or use the treadmill. It has walking induction, meaning you have to step on the treadmill to operate it.

Ongoing control is via a handheld remote that can start and stop the treadmill and adjust speed. Its sturdy, impact-resistant belt provides quiet performance and ‘smart’ functionality means you can program and track your daily use. 


  • Safety features like a child-lock, speed limits, and auto standby, make the treadmill desk set-up safer.


  • The treadmill lacks a bungee cord control to shut off the treadmill.

5. WPJ Walking Machine

Key features

Under desk treadmill

Treadmill belt width: 16 inches

Maximum speed: 4 miles per hour

Maximum weight of user: 220 lbs 

Treadmill weight: 40 lbs

If you are looking to upgrade from a standing desk to a treadmill desk this sharp and stylish treadmill from WPJ will fit snugly beneath and provide you the steady performance needed to clock up those miles on your workday. If your backyard workspace is also doubling up as a home gym, the treadmill can provide the speed needed for a decent workout with a speed limit of 4 miles per hour. The folding design also gives you a choice on your desk set-up. 

The 5 layer tread of the treadmill’s wide belt is shock-absorbing and keeps things quiet. A handy remote control and pulse sensors not only keep you safe but monitor heart rate and activity to track the improvements in your fitness. 


  • Low energy consumption and long service life make this up to the task of prolonged use as part of a treadmill desk.
  • The treadmill is designed to used with regular work footwear safely.


  • A suitable desk will be required alongside the expense of this high specification treadmill.

4. Steelcase Walkstation

Key features

Desk and treadmill combo

Desk dimensions: 66 inches wide

Maximum speed: 2 miles per hour

This combination treadmill and desk makes choosing an active lifestyle easy. Its contemporary design will make your backyard office look presentable and organized. The speed limit is 2 miles per hour, more than enough to keep you moving throughout the day. The motor is specially designed to be work quietly and tolerate the challenge of prolonged use and potentially multiple heavier users.

The expansive desk can be heigh controlled from the treadmill keypad and controls monitor steps, heart rate and distance walked.


  • This is a fully integrated treadmill desk and both components are specially designed to work together. 
  • Safety cord attached to your clothing to shut off the treadmill if you fall off.
  • The treadmill desk is available in 2 widths and 7 colors. 


  •  The control module is awkward to look at without pulling out.

3. North American Health Treadmill

Key features

Under desk treadmill

Treadmill belt width: 16 inches

Maximum speed: user-determined

At last! A treadmill that can keep your legs active while you sit at a regular desk! The HomeTrack Walkingpad Mini Treadmill is a clever, space-saving, and cost-effective solution for adding some movement to your workday. It would be ideal for a garden office pod or cubicle that cannot accommodate the more expansive treadmill desks.

Simply get your feet on it and start moving. It is manually powered, so you determine the speed and as you don’t need electricity it is great for an off-grid setup. A digital LCD display will track your progress throughout the day. If you are looking for added calorie burn this mini treadmill also has legs that can be set up to provide a gradient. 

Of course, you will need to sit in a chair but something is always better than nothing when it comes to being active.


  • Can be used by anyone, anywhere!
  • The resistance of the belt can be adjusted to increase the effort needed to move the treadmill and increase calorie burn.


  • Some users found the treadmill stiff to operate.

2. TrekDesk Treadmill

Key features

Desk for use with treadmills

Desktop dimensions: 74 inches by 34 inches

Desk height: 46.5 to 56.5 inches

Market leaders TrekDesk really established the market for treadmill desks and you can see why with this spacious desk space with integrated performance treadmill. The TrekDesk is designed to provide a large worktop that can work with a range of treadmills. It is height adjustable so can be precisely configured to your needs.

Treadmill controls are within easy reach and molded recesses can hold your water bottle or coffee cup and phones. This treadmill desk has been designed for intensive use in the corporate environment and has fabrication features that make it a great investment for use at home. It is built using high-grade steel and LDPE and the robust support legs will ensure everything remains steady while only you move.

Quick self-assembly is all that is needed to get the memory and productivity boost from treadmill working.


  • If you have a regular treadmill attached and want to run, the desk can simply be moved out of position.
  • The desk can be used alone as an expansive standing desk. 


  • Any other standing desk could fulfill this role, though the TrekDesk has been specifically designed to work with treadmills.

1. Treadmill laptop holder By Stylezone

This is a quick and easy solution for getting the benefits of a treadmill desk working out of an existing treadmill or home gym. This basic laptop holder by Stylezone is made from strong plastic and designed to attach to your treadmill via two adjustable velcro straps. It is fairly roomy with dimensions of 34 inches by 14.5 inches and makes a great alternative for treadmill desk working if a dedicated standing desk is out of your reach. A stop at the base of the desk surface prevents your laptop from slipping off while you work. 


  • This unit has been popular with those looking to boost their activity while working from home.
  • Installation is easy and the desk surface is reported to be robust.


  • As the desk is attached to the treadmill it can shake while you walk! 

Frequently asked questions

Q. Can I only use a treadmill desk?

A. If you are new to working in this way it advisable to start by only using your treadmill desk for short periods and having a seated alternative available. Of course, you can build up stamina but immediate prolonged use does raise the risk of fatigue or injury.

Q. Will using a treadmill desk set-up affect my work?

A. A study of transcriptionists who used treadmill desks found them to be beneficial with no deterioration in the quality of their work, but (and it’s an important one), their rate of working did fall. This is consistent with the advice provided by many treadmill desk companies that you need to use the desk over a long period of time until you forget you are walking as well as working.

Q. Do I need to stretch before using a treadmill desk?

A. The treadmill desk is intended for low impact walking rather than intensive aerobic exercise. However, stretching or warming up is always advisable prior to physical activity.

In conclusion

A treadmill desk is one of those big-ticket purchases you can make in confidence that you will actually make a difference to your level of activity and actual health while at work! However, it all depends on you sticking with using the setup on a daily basis. The high-quality treadmill desk options can be easily integrated into your ideal active office setup, making your backyard workspace a place not only of work but also wellbeing.

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