garden office size

Top Garden Office Sizes For The UK

A garden office size should be small enough to create a secure and comfortable atmosphere but large enough to be productive. You need to be able to shut off distractions and have enough space to use your shed in a variety of ways.

Want To Build A Cabin in Your Garden? (Read This First)

Are you thinking of building a cabin in your garden but are not sure whether it’s a good idea or not? Then you are one among many people. Nowadays, more and more people are contemplating undertaking such a project so it’s quite understandable if this is your desire too. Most likely, the question that is …

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A Guide To Garden Office Electricity-Step By Step Guide

As much as a garden office is revolutionary, it is nothing without electricity. This is because most, if not all garden office designs come as pre-wired units. In lots of cases, garden office components are pre-manufactured and then put together on-site.  Due to this pre-assembly process, all the necessary cables for light, heat, and power …

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Want To Sleep In A Shed? Think Again (Read This First)

Modern sheds these days are designed to be just like contemporary home offices, crafts rooms, man caves, or isolated rooms in some corner houses. One question that keeps lingering in everyone’s mind is, can you sleep in one? With modifications and adjustments, you can safely sleep in a shed. Turning your shed into a bedroom …

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Never Store These 9 Items In A Shed (Who Knew!)

A shed can come in any size or shape. It can be built in the garage, behind a secret walkway, or in the basement. There are however some items that you should not put in your shed. In this article, we will have a deep look at some of the items that should never be …

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Putting A Tiny House in A Backyard – 50 State Regulations

Tiny houses have rapidly gained popularity. The idea of a simplified life is becoming increasingly affordable for many people. You can build a tiny house in your backyard. Many states, cities, and counties have different regulations and zoning codes that you must follow. It is best to contact your local building department to get useful …

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The Real Cost Of A Backyard Office With A Toilet.

In recent years, garden offices have become quite popular for most people because it allows them to simplify their lives by working from home. Gone are the days when people had to commute to and from work. With garden offices, you can work from the comfort of your home without the fear of being unproductive. …

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heating a backyard office

5 Best Heating Options for Backyard offices | Latest prices & Images

Are you stuck for ideas on how to heat your backyard workspace? Read on 5 of the best heating solutions for your garden studio with examples of some of the best heaters on the market.  From Spring through Autumn your backyard studio is the ideal bright, roomy, and personal workspace where you can really enjoy …

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standing desk treadmills

7 Best treadmill desks 2020 | Backyard Office Desks

Inactivity can be a battle when you are homeworking, with all those hours sitting down in your backyard office potentially adding up to a range of health problems. Treadmill desks are a great solution for getting you on your feet, active and burning calories during your working day. Read on for our rundown of 7 …

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