Shed Office vs. Log Cabin Office – Decide For Yourself

Having a log cabin office or shed office is far better than having to drive to work or work in a busy house all day. Along with the increase in popularity of having a shed office, or garden office, remote workers have started building log cabin offices as a backyard workspace. A shed office promotes …

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tiny backyard office

Tiny Backyard Office: The Ultimate Remote Work Solution!

Many individuals imagine that working from home would be ideal for them. There’s no more rushing in the morning to shower, choose an outfit, down breakfast, and polish your pearly whites. You’ll be on your way in no time, and you won’t have to sit in traffic or travel at a snail’s pace anymore. Working …

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warm in the office shed

6 Ways To Stay Warm In The Office Shed

A small wood burning stove, propane heater, kerosene heater, oil radiator, pellet heater, and good insulation will keep your small space warm all winter long. This article gives you 6 ways to stay warm in the office shed.

Cheap Insulation Tricks To Save Money

Insulating a shed is a necessary step if you will spend a good portion of your time in there. It isn’t fun working in a place where it feels like toast in summer and freezing cold during the winter. If you haven’t done it already, insulating your shed is a recommended step. Do you have …

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