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5 Cozy Cabin Office Ideas

Having a log cabin office gives you a cozy place to work that will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. There is the classic log cabin office and non-traditional cabin office ideas that look more modern. You can build a DIY prefab cabin office or completely from scratch with a good blueprint.

This article outlines 5 cabin office designs and gives you some insight into whether it’s a good match for your backyard. You can DIY, purchase a prefab kit build yourself, or hire a professional to build it for you.

Cabin Office Ideas

Having a cabin office gives you much more than just space. It gives you a place to personalize and be productive. Decorate with all your favorite things, add a comfy chair, and sit down to get to work. You can buy a cabin office prefabricated (prefab) from most home improvement stores or other places in town or build from scratch.  

Log Cabin Office

For a more rustic look, this prefab log cabin came with light pine. We like the double doors which make it easier to move furniture in and out. With all those windows, it has tons of natural light. Studies have shown that natural light is better for attention, satisfaction, health, and overall performance versus artificial light. This build took 2 months.

@Building Acer View

12 x 8′ PreFab Cabin Office

This 12 x 8 Prefab cabin kit is big enough for an office, guest house, gym, or studio. It’s light wood trim adds a beautiful contrast to the mint green. Since the roof is slightly sloped, it still remains under the height maximum required for most permits and will still avoid puddling water when it rains. It fits nicely in a standard backyard garden and you still have space to sit outside. You can build this size and style of cabin office in about 2 weeks.

log cabin office
@SJG Woodworks

Cabin Office with Veranda

This is a large prefab cabin office with a veranda. The veranda adds a nice component to the log cabin because you can work inside and take breaks on the veranda without having to go very far. It needs supporting posts, a solid foundation, and storm braces. With a cabin like this it’s important to stain or paint it to protect the wood. It was build by a hired company who did all the assembly work.


How To Build a Cabin Office With Veranda

Watch these professionals walk you through exactly how to build a cabin office from a kit.


Large Cabin Office With Awning

For a larger cabin office option, this style is longer and deeper than wide. It’s great to fit into a backyard that is shaped for this type. The large double doors and multiple windows give it ample natural light. The porch awning offers some protection from the weather and gives it better aesthetics.


Off Grid Log Cabin

An off grid log cabin isn’t connected to power or plumbing. This can actually be really great if you keep it small because you may not have to apply for planning permission. You can put a wood burning stove in for heat and a composting toilet in the bathroom.

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Classic Log Cabin Office

This is the most classic log cabin design. The logs are joined at the ends and the spaces filled with plaster or other materials to hold them together. These can be more expensive than buying prefab kits especially with the ever-increasing price of timber. On average, a log cabin needs about 44 logs for just the walls. Add in the roof, foundation, and doors, you’re looking at a lot of timber. These are typically built off-grid with a good cabin blueprint and will need a heat source and toilet.

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Pros of A Log Cabin Office

Energy Efficient

Insulation is the biggest issue with log cabin construction. Poor insulation makes it difficult to use log cabins during the winter. They can only be used during the warm days.

However, if your log cabin office is built properly, it can be 5-15% more energy efficient than stick frames. Since most log cabins you buy at the store are made of cheap timber, they can actually end up being poorly insulation and cost more over time.

Learn how to install a wood burning stove and keep it heated cheaper than with electricity.


You can either buy or build a log cabin office. If you buy one, you don’t get the opportunity to make major adjustments once delivered to you. If you build one yourself, you need to source the logs, which can be difficult and expensive depending on your area, and learn some serious log cabin building skills.

The walls of your office will be able to retain the natural heat by preventing it from escaping. Besides, thick timber and quality of housing materials prevent the floor from becoming cold during the winter days.

Final Thoughts

Deciding whether you want a shed office or a log cabin office is a great problem to have. Having your own backyard workspace is a great way to be productive and have your own place to work.